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Sara Lautizi was born in 1990 in a rural village of Italy that helped to develop her sensibility. Since childhood she had a strong attraction towards art, colors and painting which ended up with the formation of her unique expression. Emotions, feelings, thoughts and concepts have their own shape, colour and brightness even in nonconformist ways. She completed her study at the Institute of Art in 2008; then she enrolled at the Academy of Fine Arts in Macerata where she matures and refines the skill to manifest her deepest unconscious almost to be a collective message. Mythological and divinatory figures along with androgynous bodies seem to emerge as an archetype representation. She has been selected among the 100 best emerging artists for Expo Arte Italiana in 2015 while she kept being invited to many national and internetional art exhibitions. Her various forms of expression range from oil paintings, which manifests all her energy and communicative strength, to the delicacy and lightness of clear signs and linear forms of pen and ink drawings. This young artist expresses an art beyond her years, with a purity and a force that enchant. ​


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