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My name is Marìa Gwendolyne Ruìz. Born in Puebla, Mexico, I studied a graphic design and photography degree at the Iberoamericana University, one of the most prestigious Universities in Mexico. I used to work for advertising agencies as a copy writer, art director and marketing strategist in Mexico. I've being travelling extensively around Europe and Mexico working freelance in graphic design and photography, accumulating diverse creative experiences which have enriched my work and developed my perspective on design, photography and life. The last 6 years I've lived in UK where I had the opportunity to work as Service Manager for an Organisation that supports people with mental health problems and learning disabilities which gave me the unvaluable opportunity of finding myself and recognise the reasons of my diversity. Today I can say proudly that I am an artist with Asperger's syndrome that lives every single experience intensely and uniquely which makes me grateful for being who I am. I consider myself a person who approaches everything I do with determination and passion. My work is one of the mediums that allows me to be happy because when I design, photograph or create, I feel completely myself and free. It takes me to another world with unlimited dimensions.


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