Oltrepassare is a site-specific urban action that combines dance, sculpture and sound, inspired by the relationship between man and mountain and to the history of nomadic travellers. Two bodies in relation to each other investigate the urban landscape with the help of sound sculptures worn as two unusual backpacks. The sound sculptures are inspired by the figure of the Clomeri, travelling merchant who in 1700 used to move on foot on the border between Trentino and Bohemia. The Clomeri were the first travellers and explorers of the region, sellers of working tools, small objects and art prints. The sculptures, connected to microphones placed in the shoes of the performers, amplify the sound of the walk and the ground’s conformity and allow the two actors to create a real score of movements and sounds of the landscape. Our movement determines a change in what we see of the landscape and the landscape determines a change in the way we move in it. Walking becomes the reading instrument of our territory, a ritual, a way to listen to our soundscape