Far parte della community come professionista o come utente ospite รจ molto semplice, compila il form in tutti i suoi campi, e in poco tempo sarai online.

pop up for equality


Progettazione e organizzazione, Design e produzione di stile, Musica e spettacolo

We want to create events to which we ourselves would want to go to. Events that are creative, educative and most of all fun. Through activities like poetry slams, workshops, movie screenings, talks, exhibitions, concerts, readings, comedy evenings, theatre shows, ... we want to create a community and build up a network of like-minded young women. A space, where we can lift each other up and collaborate together. As a group, we can share our skills and provide a platform for artists, speakers and creators, who are usually left out. We can become a safe space, which em powers especially female creators to be seen.